mardi 16 juillet 2019

                LATEST POTRAITURE 2019 
                                  Maîtresse Christal - FRANCE 

                                                Mistress Nikki - THAILAND 
                                                       Fetish Model Mei Peacock JAPAN
                                        Mistress Johanna - SPAIN 

                                                        Maîtresse Akina - FRANCE 
Mistress Komakino - ENGLAND 

lundi 8 octobre 2018

And the big Winner of the London Femdom Ball 2018 iiiiiiiiiis…. 
Mistress Ezada Sin !!!! 

In fact I was one of the sponsor for the magnificent event 
and I offered to the charity lottery that medium/large sized original Madam Caramel as asked me to keep secret for a while, until the Femdom Ball day!
Mistress Ezada is the Lucky (and visibly happy) winner of this large artwork I spent near 250 hours to draw! 
However, For the one who would like a copy of this unique artpiece I can do print on its original size to decorate your playroom and I offer a special price for the one who participated to the Femdom Ball 
contact for price and details  

samedi 28 juillet 2018

One of my latest large artwork 
"Sadistic Girl's Game"
Original available for sale
Printed copy large or Poster A3
go to the gallery section for information and price

       Annual FEMDOM BALL 2018
              Next October 6th 2018 
I can be proud to be part of the Sponsor of the Annual Femdom Ball organized by the stunning and awesome Madam Caramel!
In fact, I will be there this next Ocotber 6th 2018. 
This prestigeous and magnificent event is a true celebration for the Female Supremacy and it is very well attended all the year long. A true meeting with the most famous Mistresses from all over the World

More info there:

mardi 17 juillet 2018

The Fortress of Madam Yo just released

              COMIC BOOK Manga Style 
                      JUST RELEASED!!! 
After 7 months (I mean 2200 hours of work) My E-BOOK "The fortress of Madam Yo" is just released. I found my inspiration on a first full illustrated story I wrote many years ago "The Slaves prison" and wanted to create a comic in the Manga style, still keeping my typical European way to make drawings"! 204 pages has been sketched with my hand and I used Photoshop technics for the Background and retouching the original artworks   
 Madam Yo, the main character of that story, is a pure inspiration of the existing Japanese Mistress Natsuki. In that comic book, the story is talking about near future. The criminality becomes very high in all over the World. Madam Yo got the entire power and the support from the government to build a huge fortress where near 3500 inmates can be jailed. Her speciality is the prisonners convicted for sexual abuses, crimes, rapping… Her work is to put them on the right way by her very rude methods. Men jailed there become real slaves and endure many kind of dégradations, tortures. They are reduced as inferior and must obey at all! Madam Yo got their lifes between her hands… 
 If that comic book is a success, a second volume is already in project! Madam Yo is becoming so much important in the World that she has some goals to become Mistress of the World… 
 Ask for the English version - 25€
Demandez pour la version Française - 25€

vendredi 29 juin 2018

I do special offer for an A4 sized Mistress Portrait like 
those Following commissioned original artworks
50€ only! 
Please send me a nice picture of you (or your Mistress)
                                                           Anonym Japanese Mistress & fetish  model
                                                 Portrait of Mistress Nastasia Von Wolf from Albany NY
                                     Portrait of Mistress Nikki from Bangkok -Thailand 

jeudi 22 mars 2018

                EXCEPTIONAL OFFER 
               Valid until May 1st 2018! 
GET YOUR ORIGINAL LARGE PORTRAIT                              65cmX50cm 
                 Full colored and decorated! 
                            ONLY 700€!!!
                Instead of regular starting price of 1200€
 send your enquiries to with detail and picture -Deposit required - Payment by Paypal - € Cheque or Wireless bank transfer. Watch several examples in the gallery section! 

mardi 16 janvier 2018

             Wonderful portraiture! 

All December I was really busy to portrait 2 gorgeous and infamous Mistresses from the United Kingdom BDSM scene.
Madam Caramel is a high figure as she is the leader on the superb annual event FEMDOM BALL! Mistress Evilyne is a high class Mistress you can see many times on videos and she is the sister of arms of Madam Caramel
I can be proud to have immortalized the both gorgeous Mistresses who were very happy to the result of my work 
You also need such a well decorated and nice portraiture, please go to the Mistress Portraiture chapter...