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                           Original Artworks

                "From the Alpha to Omega" 65X50cm
                      OWNED by Mistress Evilyne England
                  "Tridimensional Power" 50X65cm
                      Owned by Madam Caramel - England

                     "A Queen on a Red Sofa" 65X50cm
                         Owned by Lady Celine - France

               "Equation of a Fantasy" 2107 (70cmX50Cm)
                                    Original : 2000€

         "The Goddess and the Snake" 2017 (50cmX70cm)
                                     Original: 1800€
                    "Mandala of the Goddess" 50cmX70cm
                                     Original: 1900€

"Seven Sins" 70cmX50cm
 Original: 2500€

(Owned by La Domaine Esemar NY)

                                                        From "Slave Views" artbook
                                      Portrait of Mistress Barbara (Serbia) 2016


Portrait of Wellin Dragon (France)

                                             Portrait of Mistress X-Stine (USA)

                                                Portrait of Fetish Queen (USA)

                             "Lady in Fur"  cover for Claudia Varrin's book

                               Owned by La Domaine Esemar (N.Y)

                                     "The tale of a shoe" 1998 - NYC
Portrait of Mistress Lissette 1999 - NYC

             "A Dinner Somewhere in New York" 2000 ( 42cmX27cm)

"Caput Draconis" 1999

                        "The Power of Sunrise" 1997

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