"The Fortress of Madam Yo"
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Manga/european style
comic book 
"The Fortress of Madam Yo"

 Near 7 months were needed to create this new 200 pages comic book drawn and screenplayed by myself. Some of you should remember the full illustrated novel I have created many years ago "The Slaves prison" featuring a Japanese cruel Mistress answering by the name of Madam Yo.
 This pure fiction is talking about a near future time when sexual crimes and child abuse really increase in the World!
Madam Yo got the power and the agreement from her country to build a fortress where more than 3000 inmates can be jailed. Those prisoners are used as slaves and they are totally controled by women! In the fortress, those women show no mercy and can execute men as they want! You can imagine world population is overpassing 13 billions human beings and Madam Yo is contributing to eliminate some! Particularly pedophiles, sexual criminals, child abusers and other bad guys… However,  this Supreme lady is answering to an interview during a TV show, by a so curious  T.Vreporter… The story begins this way…. 
 The technic used to composing the pages is the regular sketches associated with Photoshop final touch and some graphic backgrounds. if mostly of the pages are in black and white (like the manga should be) we can find some coloured pages. It was an impressive and very difficult work.   
The page are set like a real Manga! I have mixed both art styles, Japanese and European technics. That give this comic really unique! The story is full of BDSM scenes. The French version is in due course of paging, The English & Japanese ones will be made just behind and we will keep you informed once this e-book (PDF) will be released!  

GYNARCHY Illustrated
Gynarchy Illustrated was a so exciting work and a new adventure for me. I started to use the real artwork with Photoshop work! I got the small support of O.W.K (where I have displayed my art several times!   
It is a true immersion into the Female Supremacy world where you can involve yourself into 
pure slavery and BDSM. This work is mixing real background with my artwork I mostly used for my illustrated story and comics
This 160 pages E-book is available on Bottom Up Magazine website! If you really love female supremacy and pure femdom BDSM! This book is for you! 

The video on YouTube has overpassed my hope and got near 200.000 views! "Slave Views" 
is a true devotion for the female supremacy and some Mistresses sketched in that book are real! 
 Slave views is like the title says! You can be that slave having a beautiful sight on your Mistress, you can crawl, waiting on your knees but your eyes are only focusing your Mistress! 
Some of my novel "Confession of a man kneeled down are published to accompany the artworks 
For the moment, that book is only available as E-Book or 3D E-book, but I really hope to find the right editor and make print in Deluxe paper. 

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