Dominatrix Portraiture


For many years, I have made the portrait of several Pro (or lifestyle) Dommes. It is a great pleasure to do it! When I went several time in OWK (Czech Republic) I have made the portrait of well famous Top Mistresses. Some of these portraits are owned by them...

 The used technics are usually colourpen/crayola on Bristol paper, the smaller size is A4 but I can work on larger ones. It could be a simple sketche as well as a full decorated artwork that will fit very well in your dungeon or playroom, Just bellow, you can have a view of my work

          There, some Mistress portraits I have created

                                                      Mistress Cyber - New Orleans
                                                        Mistress Ana - NYC
                                        Mistress Leslie Savage - NYC 
                                                  Mistress X-Stine - NYC 
                                    The Vynil Queen - San Fransisco

               How to get your large
                  decorative portraiture  

              The minimum size for a large decorative portrait is 65cmX50cm, you must send me
a nice picture  of you on a good image resolution and tell me with few words what you would like describe on the background. As you can see, I am drawing many details and a large artwork requiere a good 100 hours of work to do! 
Or you can simply ask me to let my imagination do the remaining 
Once I have all the elements, I can buy the material I will need and I can work.

A deposit of 300€ is requiered to start your portrait. You can imagine the material I am using is professionnal and expensive, can you realize a single brush colour pen COPIC or PROMARKER is 5€ to 6€. It's because I am requiering a deposit before to start artwork. The other reason comes from the past where some people ordered me to make a large artwork and never paid it! 

Once I have started to work, I send many pictures of the work progression to the Mistress I am portraiting. Little by little, I am progressing on the paper and if it's needed, I change if there are some mistakes. This way, I am etablishing a trust between the Mistress and I and try to make a most perfect work. 

When I totally finished to work on the artwork, I send a notification to the Customer to inform him/her. The total amount of the commission must be paid before sending the artwork to the owner. 
The owner will get the original and it will be included a certificat of authenticity into the package which guaranty this is the original one. I send the artwork on protected tube and by postal/Chronopost way.

Payment of the Deposit: BY PAYPAL to the following account : 
Payment of the total amount: By Bank transfer: I will send my IBAM

                                        65cmX50cm: 1500€ 

                             Special Puzzle with 4 A4size: 900€ 

 Larger than the regular large artwork size mentioned above:                       starting 1800€ and must be discussed 



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