My work is including many different creations for the BDSM scene (or conventional). My main work remains the decorative art and I have made several large artworks to decorate some dungeons, playrooms, fetish clubs and other private collectors

Decorative Art
I can realize large artworks of any sizes you want like I have made for some collectors and places in
OWK - New York - Belgium...
The used technic is mainly Professional colourpens and crayolas. I can also paint on demand.
A large artwork requieres a good 1 or 2 months to make it! You can imagine this is a lot of work!
Simply send me ideas of what you want and we could discuss about the size and the technics.
 My prices starts at a least of 1500€ depending the size. Minimum size for large artwork is 65cmX50cm 

Original Illustration

You have a story, a book, a magazine... I can create commissioned original illustrations in Black/White or full coloured  always on A4 size depending your story, article or simply for private use. I have already made books illustrations for the writer Claudia Varrin and DJ-King in the U.S
A4 Black & White: 100€
A4 Full coloured: 250€
Fees are lowered starting 4 illustration
consult me...  

Using illustrations

I can also furnishing BDSM publishers, magazines or websites with a large series of scanned artworks. I have already a good thousand different illustrations available for your illustration needing. My Right of copy fares are very gentle and depending the number of illustrations you want.   

Sorry I can't tatoo someone! But I can design tattoo for your personal use, like I have done for many people. Simply send me the illustration details you want and I can design it for you! I will send you the original artwork.

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