The Artist

Laurent LEBEAU is born in December 1965 at Bagnols Sur Cèze (South France) and he found his vocation for artistic career since his childwood.
He never hide his intensive passion for Female Dominance which came early in his teenage and finally, he started his career in 1991 thanks the General erotic publication "Defi" in France. He shortly worked for the publicity department and illustrated few advertizing.
Laurent really became free lancer artist current 1993 when he contributed with Muire Reform Academy publications based in Hereford England. He created many black and white illustrations and comics which met a nice little success.
He left the European continent for his very first time in 1993 when the well renamed fetish fashion designer Versatile Fashion invited him to go in California. Laurent was a part as stylist and created many Dominatrix outfit designs.
Little by little, the artist acquiered many other free lance agreements with several Fetish BDSM Magazines. It is not surprising to have seen some of his work on U.S paper publications as EIDOS, or again Bizarre... Of course, he kept free lancing for European Magazines as Wanda (France) Club Doma (Holland) Dressing for pleasure (England) and many more.
He definitively moved in Los Angeles in 1995 where he used to live and free lance for the magazine Behind the Scene by Jennifer Brooks.
Laurent started to exhibit his incredible decorative art in 1992 in Southampton (England) during Club Sofia's events,and he was invited to exhibit in the infamous Club Doma in The Hague (Hollande).

                                         Art Expo- Erotica Beurs - Antwerp Belgium 2017

Laurent began to meet the success in Belgium where he displayed his work on several big Erotic festival. He also went in Dortmund and Stuttgart BDSM clubs where he shown his work to our German Fetish communauty.
He went to the well renamed OWK in Czeck Republic and he exhibited 7 times there. He spent a major of his time to portrait Many Mistress guests.
Laurent conciderably met a nice success once New York City fetish communauty opened its doors. The first art exhibition was given in 2000 at the regretted "La Nouvelle Justine" then the infamous "Paddles Club".
After 2000. The artist mostly exhibited in Manhattan and Los Angeles. We cannot forget to mention the art exhibition offered at Purple Passion gallery in 2005...

                                            Art expo Augone bar - Osaka Japan 2016

He is very active in the scene. He first created a social group in South France Under the name of Xipha Club and he started to organize and host several social parties between Nimes and Annecy. The club was re-organized as "Black Orchid Gynarchy Club" and finally, the events were privately given in a huge property owned by Maitresse Isabella... Many people from different places from Europe came to enjoy Femdom week end.
The first Night of the Queen was organized at Le Donjon de Bessan.
The French BDSM Communauty is very small in France. Laurent moved his Night of the Queens events in New York City. The best party was in 2004 in Fetish Factory Brooklyn where more than 350 guests showed up.
It is good to mention Laurent was one of the Co-organizer of the N.Y.C Fetish marathon 2009. Night of the Queens party was offered at The Paddles Club.
Night of the Queens became a Monthly party once the venue Karma Lounge accepted to host the event for more than one year. Laurent got the well known Lady Zombie as Partner and Party hostess.

                                      Art expo "SMart Café" Wien Austria 2002

Along his career. Laurent has travelled a lot in Europe, the U.S and Japan. He was Lucky to meet really well known people in the fetish scene. He has worked first with the fetish Goddess writer Claudia Varrin for the illustration of two books. He created a large artwork for OWK Queen Patricia, illustrated one book of the writter DJ-King and he became friend with the Fetish latex fashion designer Baroness from N.Y.C
Laurent can be proud to have met such wonderful Dominas as Mistress Shane, Isabella Sinclaire, the infamous Stéphanie Locke or again Master R from La Domaine Esemar (NYC Upstate) where few of his artworks are permanently exhibited. He acquired many fans around the World.
Each meeting was a fulfilling moment we cannot forget in all a career!

Art expo at La Nouvelle Justine Mnhattan 1999

The French artist loves to create! We mostly know him as an Illustrator for the Femdom scene. But Laurent also write, create designs, create art deco and it's not so surprising he was called to decorate a huge Night Club in Belgium and co-decorate a BDSM club in Bangkok. He is in the touch to create large artframe for a 5 star hotel in Marrakech.
Laurent loves to create fetish fashion. It's a pure heritage from his mother (Where he took the name Lebeau) and we cannot miss his sense of imagination which it is great!
He has drawn many leather or PVC dress and he is in due course to create his own line Under the brand of "Black Katz-White Katz" planning to create his own online and real boutique.
Laurent also create INDOOR Design for Dungeon, Fetish club and other.
" Demonia Party 2000 with Claudia Varrin

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